Khadafi Zubaidi



I got to know computer programming, when I was learning about Algorithms in high school. Then I continued my studies in the Department of Information Engineering. Currently I am still active in making applications and teaching computer programming.

Web & Android Developer

This is my bio

  • Birthday: 10th of March,1978
  • Website:
  • Phone: +62 081 917 619 239
  • City: Taliwang, West Sumbawa, Indonesia
  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Major: Informatics
  • Email:
  • Remote: Available

Apart from programming, I am also currently interested in Data Science. Some of the applications that I have operated are QGIS and Tableau. I use knowledge related to programming and data science to support my main work. Then I also attended training related to vulnerability.


HTML 100%
CSS 75%
JavaScript 90%
PHP 95%
Kotlin 85%
GGIS 85%
Tableau 85%
My SQL 95%



Khadafi Zubaidi

Innovative and deadline-oriented software developer with over 3 years experience designing and developing software from initial concept to polished finish.

  • Taliwang, West Sumbawa, Indonesia
  • +62 81 917 619 239


Bachelor of Informatics Engineering

1996 - 2002

Al-Falah University, Surabaya, Indonesia

In my final project, I built an application for processing stock data in a store. The application that I created is desktop based. My application was built using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access 97.



Laravel Beginner to Intermediate Level (Udemy), Workshop TABLEAU Mastery For Data Visualization (DTSENSE Academy), Learn Basic Web Programming (Dicoding), Learn to Make Front End For Beginners (Dicoding), IT Security Assessment (West Sumbawa Regency Government in collaboration with the National Cyber and Crypto Agency), UI/UX Class Mastery (habiskerja), Learn DevOps Basics (Dicoding & AWS)


Basic GIS Training Using QGIS (Geospasial Education), Data Scientist (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia with DQLab), Sectoral Statistics Data Training (Indonesian Central Statistics Agency), Data Science Fundamental (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia)



Learn to Make Android Apps for Beginners, Getting Started Programming With Kotlin, Learn Machine Learning for Beginners, Getting Started Programming With Python and Learn Basic Data Visualization

Professional Experience

Web and Android Developer

2011 - Present

Taliwang, West Sumbawa, Indonesia

  • Design and build web-based software using Laravel and MySQL (include AJAX Javascript)
  • Design and build data visualizations using Google Sheets and Tableau. Then combine it with a map file of type gson. And fetching scripts to incorporate on web based applications.
  • Design and build Android (Java & Kotlin) based applications that communicate with Laravel's RESTful API.
  • The value of the project ever done is $3,357 - $5,036


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  • Web & App